About 2 weeks ago, circulars were spotted on different notice boards in the college of medicine, stating that there would be a meeting between all students in the college – across all departments and levels – and the provost of the college – Prof F. E. A. Lesi – to discuss pertinent issues arising in the college; this was the first of its kind. The notice went ahead to copy every president of students association in the college – about 8 of them – which included Association for Medicine and Surgery Students, Dentistry, Radiography, Nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacology, physiology and Medical Laboratory Science students including COMPSSA – the overall student body in the college.


The meeting scheduled for Wednesday 8th November, 2017 at the New Great Hall, CMUL started at about 12 pm, with students trooping into the hall by the minute and the provost with his 10-man panel (5 females and 5 males) with security and other college staffs. Issues discussed at this meeting were sensitive and paramount ones to the welfare of both the students and other inhabitants of the campus (CMUL/LUTH) as a whole.

The structure of the meeting was a question and answer way; “questions” by the students on issues affecting them and “answers” by the provost -majorly – and members of the panel concerning the school/management take on the issue, what has been done or is been done and posing possible solutions to the problems to everyone. Also, suggestions and contributions by the student leaders were noted by the management.

Cogent issues discussed at the meeting include; Eradication of Bedbugs, which was said that, fumigation would be done when students are conducting hostel movement and changing to new rooms later in the year. The issue of the substandard mattresses given to students too was raised and it was made clear that school will no longer patronize the current suppliers but students will still have to pay the #1,000 for mattress in their school fees to cover for the once already bought.

The Light and Generator issue was another important one, which the provost explained – how much federal government allocates to the college yearly, how much in the real sense is been spent monthly and how huge the deficit is, reasons why we can only have generator light when there is no PHCN light for a number of designated hours – but he is opened to any idea from the students on how money can be raised to constantly fuel the school generator for continuous power supply.

In the same vain was the issue of security in the college, also the COMPSSA cafeteria – which has been out of use for months now – he explained and assured that plans from the different bodies involved has been seen and work is been done in due process to bring back the cafeteria to use and give it a befitting look. Also, the issue of religious activities only in designated places was raised, although this is a general university rule but affords the Akoka students to use Chapel of Light, unlike in Idiaraba where the Chapel of Transfiguration is very small and Chapel of Healing Cross is outside the school across the road with a lot of restrictions and limitations to use; however, no conclusive solution was stated on this issue, but it was duly noted.

Other issues discussed was the priority given to students in staff clinic which isn’t as much effective as it ought to be (but the Provost further explained that the issues wasn’t in the power of the college) and clearing of LUTH gate drainage to stop the massive flood that accumulates there – which was brought up by one of the members of House of Lords, COMPSSA and he suggested that LAWMA be invited and students can come out to join in the process of clearing the drains and stopping the flood that constantly hinders normal activities whenever it rains.


The meeting lasted for about an hour and half, with the provost declaring that this type of meeting wouldn’t be a one-time meeting but a continuous interaction and he appreciates the student populace for turning up. In total, there was about 310 student in attendance out of well over 1000 students of the college, also some of the dignitaries on the panel were Prof Ogunlewe (Director, Students affairs, CMUL), Prof Akinsola (Immediate Past Director of Student’s Affairs), Prof Makanjuola (Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences), Prof Adeyemo (Faculty of Dental Sciences), A Director in the college’s engineering department, Acting Director of Financing; other college staffs at the meeting included Dr Daramola, Dr Anunobi, Mr Odubunmi and the P.A.S. – Mr Adeyemo – who gave the vote of thanks among many others.

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