Strange Feelings!


Sometimes I feel as if one day, I would just close my eyes and would never open it again in this world.  Many times, I often wonder when it would be, what it would be like, how it would happen. Yet, even though I am anticipating it, I really wish that it only comes when I have fully completed my assignment in this part of the world. The feeling has become so intense and even though I smile at the thought of it, knowing the pains it would cost my loved ones when such happens, still it is inevitable. I have become so addicted to smiles these days that you really cannot tell if it is natural or just a way to keep myself going.

And the one question that comes to my head lately has only been: ‘’Am I going out of this world already?”

Honestly, this is a phase but I don’t know how long it is going to last. And even if it does, if I would be able to tell the stories. When the struggles of a man become unbearable, even exiting this world is a choice you will gladly make. The signals are always there; the signs are vivid. We are just the ones who do not pay attention to it. When someone smiles too much, check it! Something is wrong! The person that is always quiet at every opportunity, has some things he is trying to sort out. People who are always bothering you with talks and you think they are just bunch of nuisance and or disturbance, you may be the reason they have to keep themselves going.

Everyone has one thing to deal with, but the magnitude differs. Some do not even know they have things that could break them but we all wake to each day with the hope of moving to our destination daily. While you sojourn in this beautiful path, think of how great it would be if you can help as many people you can, remember that you are not supposed to journey alone but lead some people even while you walk with some to follow others.

So then the question is: ‘‘Am I supposed to ever feel this way?”-(first paragraph) or is it just a message from the other me to the world?

Can someone please tell me if this is normal?



Abigael Ibikunle is a lover of people and life.. Anything and everything can trigger her writing. She is a passionate educator, loves public speaking and writing is her sense of expression.

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