ESTEEM, by Adebiyi Aisha


It is present –
Visible, yet not seen.
It eats deep; now a deep cut –
In my soul and body,
My heart and my mind.
Esteem it is… it’s low.

Though people say;
“You look good”… “You smell good”.
But I don’t feel good.
Everything seems to be good to them;
Sometimes, I feel they lie,
Sometimes, I feel I’m being deceived.

I feel no one feels this way.
I wonder why they can’t see through me.
Well…. no one is transparent.
Some might feel this same way.
Yes, there are people who knows this like a second skin.

I look and sound confident.
Yes! My voice is firm and commanding,
But I’m not the type of person you think I am.
I am shy, awkward and sometimes down.
I call it….. low self-esteem.

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