Dairy of Oluwalonimi-the brilliant girl



Oluwalonimi Benson

Episode 3

Oluwalonimi: Oh great to hear from you, sir. (Yimu)

Professor: You happen to be the first on the merit list and normally that offer comes with a scholarship opportunity for exceptional students with outstanding performances. You, my dear have been awarded a scholarship for your degree programme, and if you continue and finish well, will get your masters funded by the school to any school of your choice.

Oluwalonimi: Wow! This is really very enchanting sir. I am honoured to be privileged, but I have not done my registration sir and I heard it’s closing in two days.

Professor: Oh! You would not need to worry about the stress of registration, you will only do screening at your department and the department will process your other screening. As a matter of fact, your screening will be sorted in a week.

Oluwalonimi: This is really huge sir, kindly let me sleep on it and I’ll definitely revert sir.

Where is my brother? He needs to hear this gist. She smiles and tries to locate her brother in his room. Guess who just called me now. I am not good at guessing so you’d have to tell me sis. Anyways, that was Professor Abdulsalaam from Unilorin. Wow, what did he call to say? Actually, he was telling me about the scholarship opportunity awarded to me and other package attracted for being the first on the merit list, I even asked about the screening and he said it will be sorted out within a week. Interesting! My sister is now a celebrity o. So what did you tell him? Well, I told him to allow me sleep on it and I’ll revert at the earliest but bros that one na lie o, my mind is made up on this. He thinks he can bobo me with scholarship. Hmmm! Nice one dear, spoken like the true celebrity that you are. My dear, this is a life time opportunity you cannot afford to miss, you will do me a favour dear, you will call him and tell him that you will take the offer and ask him when you can come for your screening.

Ah! Father Lord, why on earth did I tell my brother about this call? The screening has finally come to end yesterday and I made Unilag’s admission cut-off mark, so why worry?

It was already three weeks that the screening was over and Oluwalonimi becomes restless but suddenly jumped up when she received a message that Unilag had just released her merit list. Immediately, she turns on her phone’s data and downloaded the list and it was like history was happening to her, live and direct. Her name topped the merit list of the department of Chemical Engineering on Unilag’s merit admission list. Gbam! This is it! I am not lucky, I am indeed blessed! In fact, ItIsGodThatOwnsMe (I am God’s Property Indeed). Where is that brother of mine? He must see this. Even my parents must see this. History has repeated itself. And my dad was preaching for me as if he doesn’t even have faith. Anyways, I understand his fears but he needs not worry now because God has indeed taken control. Let me go and break the news to my Family. Daddy! Guess what, hmmmm my daughter, the speed with which you barged in tells me, you are extremely happy, so don’t keep me in the dark all in the name of guessing. Tell me what it is my darling. You’re right Dad, I am pleased to inform you that Unilag has released the merit list and my name was first on the list in the chemical engineering department. Wow! My daughter, you have made us proud twice, in fact I am the happiest. So all that is left now is the screening, isn’t it? Yes, Dad I can’t wait to become an akokite. I’ll definitely make you proud.

It’s two weeks gone and finally it was screening time. Since I’ve been offered admission, let me gather all my documents necessary for the screening, I really cannot wait to be fully admitted. She muttered.

Speaking to her Dad, I will be starting my screening today. May God go with you and favour you in Jesus name.The father responded hugging his daughter. Amen, she responded as she walked out cheerfully.

Oluwalonimi got to the screening venue, staff school hall was her venue and she sat quietly waiting for her screening. I am sure I have brought all that is required, so there is nothing to worry about, she assured herself while she waited. It was soon Oluwalonimi’s turn and she was called upon. Finally, she said and went for her screening. Wow! Ms. Oluwalonimi, I must confess your results are really amazing and for Chemical Engineering, you would do just fine. I’ve been looking through your O’levels since and I can’t but marvel at what I am seeing.

Ms. Oluwalonimi, your result happens to be the best I have seen so far today however…….

To be continued..

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  1. Wow! What a piece!…
    The confusion in it was amazing. I was confused from start to finish. No indication of who is speaking. Very unrealistic conversations between the girl and family, in fact very unrealistic story.
    One last thing, what was the girl sleeping on exactly?

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