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Oluwalonimi Benson


Episode 4

”Ms. Oluwalonimi, your result happens to be the best I have seen so far today but I am sorry, this result cannot admit you into Chemical Engineering department.”


What did you just say ma? You just acknowledged my results being the best you have seen so far since the screening started today, how come it cannot admit me to my department? She asked totally helpless. I have just discovered that you did not sit for Further Mathematics and it is a very strong criterion for your admission into your department. The interviewer responded.

Oh! I didn’t sit for f/maths and I didn’t think it was compulsory since I saw a pass in f/maths in the brochure as a waiver. She chipped in.

Oh dear, you got it all wrong. It is not only compulsory but very much necessary for your admission into the Engineering department. She informed.

Your results are really amazing, reading through your academic record, you are really a brainy I must confess, I am really very impressed. However, I regret to inform you that you cannot proceed with your screening because of your lack of f/maths. She raised her head to look at the already helpless student.

On the second thought, the sight of your results leaves me with no much choice than to help you, we need brains like you in Unilag. So, I may be able to help you. She offered.

Sighs! Looking depressed. What do I do? How do I even face my family to tell them I can’t study Chemical Engineering when I willingly ignored a scholarship offer to study the same course in Unilorin? She confessed.

Did you just say you ignored a scholarship offer? Surprised at the decision. Errm! Sighs! Yes ma. (she narrates the whole Unilorin experience to her interview). Taken aback by this, the interviewer suggested that Oluwalonimi calls the Professor and also gave Oluwalonimi her complimentary card. Call me after speaking with the Professor and let’s see what happens. Thank you ma, I will do just that.

Getting home, she fakes smiles and claimed her screening went fine but seriously praying that before things got out of hand, she would be able to call the Professor and still retain the offer.

Where is this professor’s number self? She mutters.

Oluwalonimi: Hello sir, this is Oluwalonimi Benson on the line.

Professor: Oh! Oluwalonimi, how are you doing?

Oluwalonimi: Very well thank you sir and you? I apologise for not getting back to you before now sir. I would like to know if I could still proceed with my screening and discuss more about my scholarship sir.

Professor: Oh! The scholarship I told you about? Well, Oluwalonimi as much as I really wanted you to be the receiver, I waited for your call for about two weeks even though it should be a week. When I didn’t hear from you, I thought you were not interested. As a matter of fact, I just awarded it to someone else and she jumped at the offer immediately.

Oluwalonimi: Ah! Sir, I didn’t remember to save your contact immediately, that is why I haven’t reached you. So you’re saying my offer has been awarded to someone else?

Professor: Yes, my dear. I wish you all the best in your further endeavours.

Ah! Father Lord, what do I do now? Where do I start from?

Brother, I am finished! My screening at Unilag didn’t go fine o. This is the situation of things, (narrates her experience with the interviewer). You better get that card, and put a call through to her to know what she has in stock for you.

Ah! If I had known, I would have at least done my screening and then continue waiting for Unilag. I hope I have not lost twice now.

(Takes out her phone to call)

Oluwalonimi: Good morning ma, this is Oluwalonimi. The girl you screened yesterday with very good results.

Interviewer: Oh! Oluwalonimi, I remember you. How are you doing?

Oluwalonimi: very well ma. I have called the Professor yesterday and he said he had given the offer to someone else who readily jumped at it.

Interviewer: Awwwww! That is so painful. To be honest with you dear, you cannot study any engineering course with your results. Other than pure and applied sciences and education, you cannot study any other course. Except of course you would not mind sitting for another O’level.

Oluwalonimi: So what will be my fate?

Interviewer: Please come see me in my office tomorrow, we should be able to work out something.

Oluwalonimi: Alright ma. Thanks a lot ma.



To be continued…..


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