Emeritus Professor of Nursing visits the Department of Nursing Science, CMUL, By Temi Olatunji


Prof. Kate Gerrish is an Emeritus Professor of Nursing at the University of Shefield, London.

The HOD Nursing Department, Dr Florence Folami was very excited to introduce her to us.

After introduction, she started by telling us stories of how Florence Nightingale who is the mother of Nursing has links to Shefield by showing us pictures. She really took us back in history and reminded us of the International Nurses day celebrated on Nightingale’s birthday.

Apart from meeting with the students, she also visited to introduce the Partnership in International Medical Education (PRIME) initiative to us. PRIME is a global community of health care professionals, learning together to practice and provide health care support. They are also involved in restoring the heart of health care by providing teaching programmes designed to be accessible and relevant to people of all faith and race.

She also talked about Professionalism in the course of her presentation; she defined the term as “competence or skills expected of a professional”.

She also gave us the NMC-UK definition of Professionalism in Nursing which is:

“Being an inspiring role model, working in the best interest of people in your care, regardless of what position you hold or where you deliver care”.

She continued by giving a scenario’. She said “if your loved one is admitted in a hospital, describe the type of nurse you will love to look after him”.

From our responses, she told us how we should try as much as possible to be that type of Nurse each and every day as we carry out our activities and care for our patients.

This led to the next slides in her presentation which is WHOLE-PERSON-CENTERED CARE. She explained that the attributes of a nurse really defines the role which is HOLISTIC CARE.

The whole person centered care is caring for the body, mind, spirit and social needs of our clients. This includes and is not limited to nutrition, wound care, close monitoring, all senses care – look, listen, touch, feel/perceive, emotional, psychological and so on.

The whole person centered care she said is a crucial aspect of the essence of nursing care.

In conclusion, she encouraged us to demonstrate professional nursing skills and be good ambassadors of the profession anywhere we find ourselves.

For more information, visit the PRIME website, she said, and that was it. She expressed how glad she was to visit the department and to meet with the students as this is her first time in Nigeria.

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