Access Student Credit Card launch; A projection of UNILAG Music Stars By Olufolarin Ayomide


The access student’s credit card launch on the 14th of March 2018, was entertaining and a platform for upcoming music stars in UNILAG to project their passion for Music. Upcoming star Boymide, through his flowing lyrics was able to get the garden rocking despite the scorching sun and the crowd in the University environ didn’t mind tarrying for long hours.

Watching a musical performance is a good way to unwind and Upcoming artists deserve platforms to be seen. Access bank did a good one by giving the passionate ones the platform to showcase themselves, nevertheless we must not also ignore the place of good impact in our music.
Rather than judging with the melodious tones and rhythms, Musical panelists should be able to set a standard of impact in Music. However, it was without doubt that no one went away feeling bored.

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