What better way to end a rigorous competition than with a celebration. The annual OSMSA Family Meeting commenced immediately after the game, it was free event for all Ondo state students including indigenes of other states and of course… free chow. Do not be deceived by the word ‘meeting.’ It wasn’t your typical all-talk event, It was designed to be fun with lots of music and dancing.
The Family Meeting is a platform set up to bring Ondo State indigenes in the institution together once a year. The initiative is to foster unity amongst the Statesmen, one of the challenges of being a medical student is the dreadful distance it creates from others – friends, people from other departments and even family. The Family meeting is an avenue for people who had never met before to sit side by side and get familiar with each other.
The event was opened by a speech from the OSMSA president Aminah Taiwo, she welcomed the entire the Ondo State family and guests and talked about how the association had a lot planned out for its members this year. She spoke about the importance of oneness which is what the whole event was about.
Unagi hosted the event and he never let the spirit die, there was a brief introduction of guests in attendance. Special guests present were the former OSMSA president Deji Gbogi, the former Lord Chancellor of the House of Lords and executives and members of senate from all over campus.
There was a question and answer session – a little trivia about Ondo State. There were other games; riddles, a game of Yoruba songs. The highlight of the game session was when Amaka, a 200L pharmacology student could sing almost perfectly any Yoruba folk song requested of her– and she is Igbo. There was also the comical drinking competition, the laughter was endless.

Appreciation to the welfare secretary who provided finger delicacies and drinks,asun and prawn crackers people could just not resist. And the drinks, I would call it a special breed…Was that zobo punch? Food the key to a man’s heart, from what went down that day…. I would say the key to anyone’s heart.
The vote of thanks was given by the OSMSA PRO Alabi Nifemi who happens to be the AMSUL PRO elect (watch out for him). The OSMSA family meeting was an event not to be forgotten. Little words can describe how it was in reality. Good work to the executives of OSMSA. Year in, year out, they never cease to impress and by the look of things, they never will. OSMSA is an association that over the years has been a guiding light for people. OSMSA fosters unity and identity. OSMSA reminds us how home is not a place to be but where you want to be. There is no doubt that OSMSA is a family to be in. Let the sun keep on shining.

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