This one I call:


And so what? It’s in him. What’s your intention then? To remind him of his nature? Or to leave him with a torture of inferiority?

‘’yes, I have a girlfriend’’ He replied with glee. You exclaimed. Not of surprise but mockery of the fact that his ‘’type’’, his ‘’kind of person’’ should be within the walls of same sex.

Being human, he left your company with a smile on face; perhaps all was well yet a fatal bleeding was left in the heart.

You’d planted and watered.

Slowly he dies in silence living with less of self-worth. Germinating in him, is your seed of condemnation. He now walks conscious of every step, he is loquacious but talks less, or no more, his choices are drawn to a close. His freedom is withheld.

In the midst of girls, ‘’he is a pant’’. The other way round, ‘’let guys with dick talk’’. Daily questionnaires are given: “why do you act girlie?’’ Only the weakened brave give a reply.

Every minute gazes of dismay fills his environ. How about the speculations. I mean to say impressions that are given baselessly and unreasonably. He possess feministic characteristic yes, and all of a sudden, a vote of being gay is cast in his favour. How pathetic!

He flaunts his hand I agree, walks feminine, talks feminine, eats feminine, sits feminine loves bright colours and many others. I totally agree with you but then does that make him less of his gender? Nor gives you the warranty of been a research agent on whether he is ‘’straight’’ or not?

It’s quite shameful why you’ve not fed your problems with solutions rather than taking pleasure in dehumanising the presumed defect in his nature. You think you are better of a man than he is? You think you’re straight right? Then I’ll tell you that your feelings are crooked and weak. How much can you carry emotionally? How much of your demons can you contain or contend with? How much physical and mental stares can you harbour? Compared to the daily tussle in the minds of he who acts against his sex; many of whom are even confronted, molested, beaten out of false impressions or even raped by the so called perfect, straight looking guys.

You say it right to his face. You remind him of how he should have been created a girl, and how that the creator God made a mistake in his sex formation. You are unaware he is trying to battle outta past experiences yet you impound, never caring how it feels like to be in their abrasive gown, how embarrassing it is to live daily in shoes of non-acceptance. You never ever bother to know where it started from –natural or artificial- or what even prompted it. You think they are absolutely happy, fine and glad to be that way?? You think they chose it? You think they are great explorers who wanted to survey the girlie life? Just imagine!

Now he seats, ever forced to regret his nature. He tries restlessly and relentlessly, NIGHT AND DAY to  “fix it’’. Hell NO!

You might be the friend he needs, to be him. Truly him! If not, get thee behind him imposter!

If you’ve got the “Mr. Fix it power’’ in you, then help him to achieve it. Not so, then give thrash to LAWMA. They are feminine guys not necessarily gay. Except proven homosexual, your right to speech is best preserved. Depression kills faster than cancer!

Do not be the one behind his depression. Encourage a she-guy today unto a better life. And be the reason for good behind his smile and a near perfect life.

©Prescot Da Blota 2017

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