Last week was the convocation week in the University of First Choice and definitely people have varying views about it. To keep us abreast of the different point of view, our correspondents did a short survey across students of the University and below are what they think and have to say about UNILAGs CONVOCATION WEEK. Enjoy!


Q: Serious students call it “UNILAG Convocation week”, some other students a.k.a. “unserious ones call it UNILAG Free Food and Drinks week, what do you call it? What do you like about it? What dont you?


Baba, this your phrase best describes me and most of my roomies o, we practically don’t cook! What we do is collect and warm – Feyi, Department of Psychology.

Convocation has always been more than free food to me even while I was an undergraduate, in my opinion, it’s a week to celebrate the graduating students hard work through their four or five years in the university, it’s a day of joy for both the graduating students  and their parents and there was really nothing I did not like about the convocation week – Ifeanyi Victoria, graduating student from survey & geoinformatics engineering department


I call it convocation week, Its not like Im a serious student though. I dont go for it, but I like the fact that people are happy to come together and celebrate their achievements. My only dislike is there are too much people, no breathing space. Everywhere is going to be jam-packed and crowded – Halimah, 300L, Department of Physiotherapy

Hmmmmmmmmmm convocation is a period I get to have the rest I deserve, and for me – I rest and eat all that comes my way what can somebody do now – Seun, 400 Level, Department of Creative Arts

I dont actually have a name for it. I like it because its lecture free and there is no exam for the day. Theres nothing not to like about it. The traffic is not my business since Im not going out – Amina 300L, Department of Nursing.

Well, its convocation week. A week to celebrate and showcase students and their various achievements – be it research, intelligence, leadership and many more. For us, its also a time to reflect upon and remember how far we have come and what time is left to go. For me, I like the celebration, joy, happiness and fulfillment it brings, cant complain of the noise cause its part of the party but the traffic can be annoying  Kemi 600L, MBBS

My likes are no lectures, but dislike also, no cabs to move around on campus – Tolulope, 300 Level, Department of Law.


It’s a week of food and rest – Waye 400 Level, Dentistry Department

No lectures all week long as well as  No cabs – Sope, 400Level, Department of Economics


Nothing. For me Its just a normal week, I still have classes – Qurtatul-ayn, 300Level, (upper) MBBS

Convocation week first of all is a lecture free week, so everyone looks forward to lecture free weeks and then there is free food. you get to see your friends, it’s  like the last time before you see yourselves outside, they invite you, take pictures, have fun… but what I don’t like about the convocation week is the fact that we have to trek to wherever you want to get to on campus. You have a friend in business administration you go there, you have a friend at UBA park you go there too… but then it’s worth it if the rice is going to be plenty and there is small chops and everything. So… ermm to everybody convoking this year wish you guys grace and everything good in the labour market and I wish you success and all the best – Adebiyi Adediwura, 400 level accounting Department


I call it UNILAG convocation and steeplechase week. I like the idea of being able to rest during exams. But I really dont like that no part of the convocation is taking place in College of Medicine (CMUL) – Stephen 300L, Physiotherapy

I love the free food!!! And hate nothing about it – Ileola 200 Level, Department of Political science

I’m so excited about the convocation at least am free from UNILAG wahala, but while I was an undergraduate (laughing) convocation week was always fun with lots of free food and most importantly no classes… but probably because I’m convocating this year it means more than just the food or the fun or anything for that matter… it’s like freedom for an apprentice, so yes convocation is serious business to me – Adeyoyin Opeyemi, graduating student from Chemistry Department


I dont have any name for it because I dont even know anyone doing convocation – Barakah, 400Level, Radiography Department

Convocation is what I call it, I like the no class and free food for people that want to eat but I hate the traffic that comes with it – Mutiat 300Level, Department of Nursing

I call it Free chaw week as Im able to save money because theres free food everywhere. If you arent doing “steeplechase” (to get food), everything else seems boring for the day – Yusuf, 300L Physiotherapy.

I dont really know because I havent gone for any before. Anyways, I am happy for those doing their convocation, 4 or 5 years is not an easy something ooo. I also like the fact that UNILAG tries to acknowledge students in some aspects like best graduating student, stuff like that. For dislikes, Traffic first. I dont like the traffic at all, you will think its more than convocation they are doing. Everywhere will be so congested – Barakah 300Level, MLS (Medical Laboratory Science) Department

Anyways, I call it the convocation week not because I’m a serious student, but it’s actually a lecture free week  so I appreciate the fact that we don’t have to attend classes and all….hmmm, I like the fact that there is free food….actually if you know someone that is graduating … so if you know anyone, you can search sha (laughing). But, I don’t like the fact that we have to trek to get to anywhere on campus during that week ,there is no transport and everywhere is always crowded – Babatunde Aderayo, 500 level law student


I dont have a name for it. Im indifferent because I havent had a convocation experience. So, I indifferent about whatever it has to offer – Abidat, 300L, MBBS (Medicine and Surgery)

For me, its Convocation week. I get to see some of my friends in Akoka that I havent seen in a while. What I dont like is that everywhere is always too busy and there is too much traffic – Fakhtah, 300L, Radiography Department


I call it, Steeplechase – just like anatomy practical, you move from one point to another to but in this case to get food. I love the Food, music and I get to see fine babes. I dont like the Traffic, to get to the food is terrible. Likewise, the hot sun and competition to get food from the people we all dont know – Bolaji 300L, MLS

Its free week. I like the “freeness but the time is so short. I want them to do it for 365 days or 360 days with holiday – Oyinda, 300L, Physiotherapy Department.

See o, who no Like “Osho-free” thing my brother, I dey always wait for this period. Its one of the best periods in school – Richards 200 level, Department of Biochemistry

It’s a chilling week for me, No bad points for me – Kanyisola, 300Level, Faculty of Pharmacy.

It’s a time for surplus food although the traffic can be annoying – Kristin, 400L Medicine and Surgery.

It’s Convocation week for me. I get happy for the students doing their convocation because another chapter begins there for them and Im also very happy knowing it will be my turn soon. I also like it because its a free day. The issue of not getting cab is what I dislike – Favour, 300L Physiotherapy.

It’s rest for me o. But I hate the noise pollution and traffic though – Sharon 400 Level, Medicine (CMUL)


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