I Stood for a while looking at a very beautiful house not far from where I was standing built some years ago, so many ideas kept on popping into my head on how the house had no cracks and the colour had not faded. I was later opportuned to have a conversation with the owner of the house who told me how the house was built with so much unity and love.
This story applies to our institution. Here, the students are the labourers, the lecturers and the school authorities are the project manager or the instructors, while the parents or guidance are the suppliers. For this building to be beautiful and perfect, these three sets of people have to work in unity and love. The glory of a successful person is not for himself alone but also for the people involved in the success story. When the building is completed, the labourers, the instructors and the suppliers are all happy.
The assertiveness of a labourer is however, dependent on the instructor. Most times, students might get fed up and tired of everything but a little word of encouragement and love from our instructors can go a long way. Trust me, students are passing through a lot. I have a friend who has serious health problem and she thinks she has just a little more time to spend on earth and preparing for exams are always so hard for her because she needs to always go for medical check-ups, but a little word of encouragement and love from my class mates and lecturers keeps her going. I am sure there are so many people like that in medilag and the Akoka campus.
Love shouldn’t be an ECONOMIC GOOD in the institution, where we have to pay to obtain it; It should be part of us. Lecturers, Students and parents.It shouldn’t be put on the students alone – It should be a shared responsibility. Enough of parents and lecturers saying, “it’s the student life alone”… It’s OUR LIFE. If the building materials supplied are bad or the instructions given by the manager is wrong or not given in the form that the labourers would understand, the building might eventually collapse in the future.
It’s high time lecturers started given correction in love and students start accepting correction in love. We should all have the mentality of an institution being a building process which when completed birth forth joy to all. Not only should lecturers walk in love, students should also walk in love with one another. You might have been the one to save that guy or lady from suicide. Let’s watch out for one another as students from the same institution. Instead of condemning a fellow student or whosoever, why not try to provide a solution or call the attention of people who can help or have better experience. This is a call to all.

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