Sexual exploitation in the University of Lagos


It’s no longer news in the university community that a lady has leaked the nude pictures of a professor of English in the faculty of arts alleged to have continuously harassed her in a sex for marks scandal. The news appeared on social media and it has since been the talk of the town, this prompted the notice given by the university authority through its website showing knowledge of the allegations and requesting information from students to help in their investigations. According to the informant, this professor is a habitual molester and she is not his only victim and that there is a syndicate in the English department that specialize in molesting innocent girls by tampering with their marks.
It is common gist among females in the university that the faculty of arts is notorious for habitual sex molesters that make their female student sex toys. Also, in the last semester the university rolled out a sexual harassment law that enables students and staff alike report sexual harassment and other forms of exploitations dues to the incessant complains of student of one form of harassment or the other, but apparently this does not seem to deter those involved in this illicit act and most students complain that the culprits are closely networked coupled with the fact that there is no confidentiality as regards reports made because either the offender is highly placed in the university system and is almost “untouchable” because they will so much power or that they are “friends of the authority” and thus are protected by the those who the report is made to. Either ways the molested students do not get justice and may suffer more victimization as their identity is revealed to the offender so to avoid this they dance to the tune of these lectures.
In the same vein, some students actually solicit the unwarranted help of these lectures by offering sex for marks and invariably consent to these molestation which usually doesn’t stop after the first time. Besides, the university explicitly stated on answer scripts that students should not write their names on their answer script. The university largely operates a matric number only system of assessments, so if a lecturer is actually going to fail a student it would be because he has such a student’s matric number. Some students actually fall prey to these lecturers by going to their offices to beg for marks especially when they fail his courses and in the process gives the randy lecturer the effrontery to ask for sex and invariably consent to it. For instance, if a lady who had an F in a randy lecturer’s course in her first year and goes to beg to be upgraded and consents to sex in exchange for marks, he would definitely need her matric number to be able to upgrade her score, imagine that lady has to take another course taught by such lecturer in her third or fourth year (as some of these lecturers take different courses spread across levels) chances are that he would victimise her again because he has access to her matric number and he knows she would come to him for an upgrade and she would easily consent to sex, this illustration is not trying to vindicate such a lecturer as what is bad is bad and any form of sexual harassment should be frown at whether instigated by the lecturer or students but there are always two sides to a story.
I’ll not rule out the fact that most of these randy lectures actually go the extra mile to victimise students especially when the student doesn’t consent to their advances (this seems to steer them more), some of them have pimps that recruit these girls for them or help them in getting information about these ladies that enables them victimise them. These pimps are usually fellow students usually popular males that knows students or non-academic staffs of the faculty or department that have access to students information and make it readily available to these lecturers as they usually have a good rapport with them, many students fall victims of randy lecturers through this means and because the university does not have an efficient report system both at the faculty level and university level to handle matters like this, the student after been victimised repeatedly by having to carry over a course more than once are forced to consent to these monsters and the cycle continues, some of these lecturers have it as bad as passing the girls around from one lecturer to another so that the priced cake can go round, or if the student is a relationship failing her boyfriend to be able to have access to the girl and end up destroying the student mentally and physically. Not only female students are exploited on campus, also male students particularly the rich ones are failed so that they can come settle with the lecture either in cash or kinds and the list goes on
The university authority have to read a firm riot act to these randy lecturers and put in place an efficient and transparent report system where students can report act such as these without fear and not be forced to concede to these lecturers and bottle up the emotional trauma these lectures cause them and result to news like that of the English professor that flooded the social media this week, there are more like him in the university community and if the university does not effect a proper redress system, then the social media redress system would more likely be adopted by the students and that would not be good for the image of the university.

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