Movie Review: An INCREDIBLE(s) Story by Zoid-El


Around late February this year 2018, I accidentally stumbled on a teaser trailer for the animation film Incredibles 2 and since then I had started my own personal countdown to the movie’s premier.
So when my first ever blind date arrived at the cinema on Friday….I had a lot of explanation to do like, why an adult male like me… well above his second decade of life is quite interested in a “Cartoon” as she phrased it.
I must admit that was not well thought by me because I had really been anticipating the movie. I subconsciously tried to kill two birds with one stone at the detriment of making a first horrible wrong impression.
Why I chose the movie?
I’ll quickly give a sentimental rough description of the prequel, The Incredibles.
About fourteen years ago, a new Disney/Pixar animated film made mad waves in the year 2004…. I just got inducted into Senior Secondary School (SS1), so it is within my rights to claim I was at the right age to enjoy, decipher and remain a devoted fan till date.
Back then, the rich were usually the ones who went to the newly established Silverbird Cinema, the rest of us Lagosians visited National Theater during public holidays…. It is with great pride I relate to you that the means of watching this great event unfold was via VCD (with a complete package of CD1, 2&3)… Don’t ask me for the CD pack, the 3 disks have scratched beyond recognition.
But what made the movie a hit in the early 00’s apart from winning two Academy Awards, one Annie Award and one Hugo Award… was the life it gave to its characters as many critics and fans would agree with me.
This was an original animated Superhero genre, before Marvel Cinematic Universe, introducing fresh characters with no previous comic tie-ins or comics it was based on.
Still it was able to tell an amazing story about a family of five ( Mr Incredible, his wife Elastigirl and their children Violet, Dash and Jack-jack )with Superpowers living in a world where Superheroes has been banned.
The plot shows how Mr Incredible who hates living a normal life, tries to balance and keep his family together while still running as a vigilante in secret with the family friend Frozone….Fast forward a bit he was later trapped by the villain Syndrome with whom he had indirectly worked for, it took his family to save him and later save the city.
My little plot summary does little justice to the movie itself… but my childhood would probably not be complete without having experienced The Incredibles.
Not to give out Incredibles 2 Spoilers, I’d say the second installation is more interesting, funnier, mature enough for adult Audience and as dramatic as the first installation.
Anyway, even though my date and I missed about 5-10 minutes of the show.
I’m happy to promulgate to my readers that at the end of the movie, she was contented and quite merry at my unusual idea of a movie date.
So if you are a fan of The Incredibles, Incredibles 2 is a must watch for you and if you just want to have a good time or see a good movie, Incredibles 2 is highly recommended.
Till next time, watch out for more movie reviews on this spot… Adios.

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