How common is common sense? Should be quite common, right? But you will be amazed at how this entity called “common sense” seems to be so “uncommon”. Now, what is common sense?

Common sense can be defined as the basic level of practical knowledge and sound judgement that we all need to help us live a reasonable and safe way -, in layman’s term can also be called basic knowledge for all, simple or “not so simple” things people expect you to know… but I stand to be corrected and categorically say that, “common sense is not as common as it is thought to be”. Actually, common sense is not common; the word “common” in the phase is just a facade.

I’ll explain – what Ms A of class A sees as common sense might not be, or rather, is not common sense to Ms B of class B. What Mr C on level C sees as common sense may not be so to Mr D who is on level D, what Prof E. sees as common sense might not be to Dr F, what lawyer G sees as common sense might not be to Engr. H, likewise what literate I or Elite I sees as common sense would definitely not be the same as what illiterate J or commoner J perceives as common sense and the list goes on and on… long and short is, what is common sense to you, might not be to me; I might need you to explicitly inform or educate me on this your perception of certain “common sense”, giving me hint on why and how to act them out – and this is life.

A lot of us expect a lot of things or certain action from people because we believe what we expect from them is “common sense”, but our assumptions turn out wrong on the long run. Truth be told, every individual is unique and have different reception and interpretation to the same piece of information. We can all hear the same statement from the same source at the same time and still process it differently, leading to  different meanings and actions for each person.

This same analogy applies to acquiring Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom. Therefore, Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Bosses, Friends and Colleagues – DO NOT assume a piece of information or action is common sense – common sense is relative… not only relative but highly dependent on exposure, education, environment and a host of other things – internal and external factors.

Endeavour to always give clear instructions and information on subject matters you want handled in particular ways or involved in with other people, NEVER THINK OR ASSUME that a piece of information or action is common sense because common sense is fallacious – not as common (do not be deceived) and very relative.

Don’t be distraught by the facade of common sense, be aware.


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