The Story… No health without mental health by Agoyi Kemisola


As a child growing up; I was scared of life and reality besets me. I fret at every thing – every little sound, every little leap. I saw my hands shake and could hear my heart race away for nothing… But no one else took notice, all they said was, “you are just a timid child”… Little did they know… (An illustration of Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

Adolescence was turbulent; I explored the world and the world, did me. I tried it all and got addicted – smoking, sniffing, alcohol, sex… Just name it – I sort solace to the deep. I blotted out my fears, became blindly empowered with every feeling and my emotions were heightened and extreme… Aggression become my order of the day. I could fly, see the angels and hear the sirens… (An illustration of Antisocial disorder, Substance abuse and psychosis)

All of a sudden, things came crashing… all was taken from me and I withdrew into darkness. Back into my shell I came from – I ran, with all my scars… visible.
In my hollow abode was worthlessness, hopelessness, sadness. I lost interest in things pleasurable to me; I wanted to end it all. (An illustration of Depression)

Suddenly! A spark lit up in me; made me realise I owned the world! I knew Obama loved me and through sleepless nights I ruminated on how to spend all we had and fulfill his fantasies with my body. (An illustration of Mania, Delusion of grandiose and Othello – Bipolar disorder)

Now, in adulthood, standing in front of the mirror, looking at how faded I’ve become… All dots connected in my head; I was hoarding it all… but had lost it all and couldn’t grasp reality… Finally, lost touch with life… ( An illustration of Schizophrenia and Suicidal tendency)

This is the story of ill individuals in the Biopsychosocial dimensions.

They need help as much as the cancer patient or HIV patient… because there is no (complete) health without mental health.

In celebration of the World Mental Health day – October 10 and dedicated to every mentally ill or challenged individual.

Oluwakemisola A.

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