How do I capture a beautiful soul
Within the pages of a book?
Imprisoning for no crimes committed
Is this justice
Or some sort of selfishness?

I do not seem to recall
Having traits of cruelty
Despite your cheer at all times
When it comes, I’m always surprised
A knight, though with a little rusty armour

A master of the arts of word crafting
A wolf who leads his pack to victory
You dunk and the outcome still is victory
You’ve got a voice like thunder
Yet speaks words that soothes the listener

You are a wolf not to be tamed
Yet you want me to use words to hold you in place
But words do stay on print
So how do I capture a beautiful soul
Within the pages of a book?

In loving memory of MAHUEMOLEN ODIBO (Creator of SAZBAG)

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  1. Words fail me on this one but the same words would be used to describe your legacies and memories here on earth.

    Emolen, you are greatly missed by all of us here but the little time you spent here was worthwhile. Your smiles, your words of encouragement, your jokes, kindness and humility will never be forgotten.

    I broke down into tears the day I heard of your demise but I know that one day, someday, we will meet at the feet of Jesus.

    Love you so much.

    Toby Bush (Your Home Teacher).

  2. Beautiful well crafted words for an equally beautiful and virtuous soul. I can’t believe it is already a year we lost a rare gem. Ever so full of life and ever so bubbly… plus she can yab..😁😁. “Mama” as you were fondly called.. We shall always take solace in the funny, beautiful memories u left behind and the fact that you are definitely in a much better place interceding for all your loved ones esp, your parents and your elder brother. Continue to sleep in heavenly peace my dear sister.. We all love you😇😇

  3. Mahuemolen, though I got to know after you had gone, your legacy remains. That is the trait of a great soul and a leader. You touched lives in life and in death.

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