Akokites in Discomfort Over Power Sharing


By Precious Abiola

For the past few weeks, students have been in discomfort due to the sharing of electricity on weekdays especially now that the weather is hot.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Students Affairs explained that the load shedding practice is due to the power bill which is now 60 million a month, therefore hostels will get power from 6pm to 10am on weekdays and from Friday 6pm to Monday 10am during weekends. He also assured that the completion of the IPP project will guarantee uninterrupted power supply on campus.

Consequently, the students of the University of Lagos who have been enjoying uninterrupted power supply have to concur to this new development.

“I see no reason why the project should affect us but still they should finish their project fast and give us our light back,” a concerned student expressed.

“It is becoming unbearable, my room is hot, I can’t sleep, I can’t even read because there’s no light in the reading room too. This whole thing is new and this current weather makes it worse so I really hope they finish whatever they are doing soon and give us our 24hrs light,” another student complained.

Summing up, this new development came as a shock to the students and so we are hoping the project is completed soon.

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