The COVID-19 has become a cankerworm eating through nations and continents. The deadly virus that started in the Asian continent has found its way into the African continent.

Eight cases of the corona virus has been confirmed in Nigeria by the Federal Ministry of Health -four cases in Lagos and the other in Ekiti state.

Consequent on the current situation, the federal government has placed a travel ban on the 13 high risk corona-virus countries.
Also, the Lagos state government has instructed churches, mosques and large gathering to suspend activities. The Federal Government has also directed all schools to remain shut and allow the students stay in their various houses.

This is however not to spread the panic but to ensure safety. Therefore, it is advised that everybody stay home during this period and also get hand sanitizers.

The Press Club UNILAG urges all akokites to stay safe and report any roommate or friend showing the symptoms of this virus for proper treatment.

The school management has instructed all students to vacate the hostel by 4pm on Saturday. COVID-19 is not a death sentence and it is not the end of the world.
Fight against by informing others,
Make use of hand sanitizers,
Precautions are extremely important.

Stay Home
Stay Healthy
Stay Safe.

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