By George Babarinde

Growing up as a child,
Living in the dreams of being the best of my self.
Aiming so high to do the amazing,
Imagining the imagination of greater achievements.

I will be the best,
Yes, I will. Always got encouraged by the inner man.
Ignorance has never left me,
To have understand that life is not a bed full of roses.

The time has come, yes! that’s the song that echoes in my heart.
The time to show and prove my worth,
Ignorance has never left me,
To have understand that I was caged by the norms.

Abomination! Impossible!! Unethical!!!
Those are the strange and scary words,
That unveils the shackles around my dream,
Parents are adamant, Elders are not ready to picture.

As a young mind, I keep pressing on my dreams,
Only to discover that I was living in the World of, ‘said impossibilities’
Many say: my potential is not applicable here,
Where on earth is it applicable then? I wondered when I wandered.

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