Vengeance: a Poem


By Ogbu Victor John

You malfeasant low life homo-sapient!

Bunch of coercive underwear scavenger, belligerent maggot.

Providence will pay double your wealth of atrocities.

You take advantage and screw underneath willy-nilly

He that breaks the edge will the serpent bite.

Your alacrity you’d have added to raising the pillars of the nation

But you dedicated it to defile the pride and dignity of human-hood

You will seek alibis to run

Yet these alibis will turn double-edged sword and draw blood from you

You will point your fingers like a man after drunk-driving or a little boy after a nightmare

Yet you can’t escape the truth who shall haunt you till vengeance is done double fold

It is our sister and cousin you infiltrated

Helpless, in pain and agony of your shameful act

Although you infiltrated, vengeance will infiltrate and proliferate pain upon you!

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