Why: a Poem


By Shobambi Olamide

I was a girl, I was taught to dress up right, walk in the light and look out for  wanton relatives.

I was taught to keep all my emotions in even when those didn’t work. I was taught to carry my cross. I was taught it was my fault, if I had done this or if I hadn’t done that then maybe, just maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

I am a woman, things haven’t changed at all. The cat calls have increased, the men are much bolder. “She’s legal after all, let’s put those hips to good use”. “Let’s use her and bruise, her NO is really just Yes”. “If she really meant no she would have fought much harder”.

After all these, in the corner of my room, the only place I’m allowed to let loose, cause society expects me to stand tall after all I’ve been through. I wonder Why.

WHY was I thought to remain silent and patch up the long gone innocent me? WHY must I keep my body hidden just to provide a reason for why HE couldn’t restrain Himself? WHY did I have to avoid certain routes so I could go at least a day without THEIR obscene catcalls? WHY was it always my fault even though the decisions I made, played no part in HIS choice?

WHY couldn’t they see that this was all HIM?

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