A Poem about Rape


By Akinyemi Oluwafunmilayo M

I cried for help, but no one was there.

I begged, but he failed to listen.

He said ‘it wouldn’t hurt’, but I could feel the pains deep in my soul.

Every piece of me was crying and breaking.

But he kept going, ignoring my painful cries.

He thrusted in forcefully, my soul bled.

Every thrust brought me closer to nothingness.

I became numb.

My body was still present but my soul had departed.

My soul looked down at my body and said

‘I’m sorry’ and took off for good.

My spirit cried out for my soul to return

But it was futile.

I heard a voice asking if I was okay?

That same voice was apologizing for what had happened.

I couldn’t move because I had just lost my soul.

My spirit became filled with so much bitterness.

It swore to destroy the person responsible for the loss of my soul. 

I could move again but every move brought about a sharp pain.

I couldn’t find my voice.

Suddenly, reality slapped me in the face 

I had just been raped by my uncle.

I became the opposite of who I was.

I was traumatised.

Nightmares tormented me at night and even during the day.

I stopped speaking, causing my parents to worry.

I didn’t know how to voice out what I had gone through.

I knew everything was destroyed beyond repair.

But my journey to destroy the life of the person responsible had just begun.

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