The Plight of a Girl – Poetry


By Omotola Gloria

She was a 12 year old girl,

She had her education to complete,

She had a family she loved,

friends she cared for,

She had dreams to pursue,

She had plans for tomorrow,

She had hopes for the future,

She had promises to fulfill,

For she was still child.

She was innocent,

but the land was too evil to trod upon

without caution,

What was her sin?

to have been born a girl?

A 12 year old girl has no worries,

too innocent to notice the rot in the world ,

What terrible world!

What terrible world harbours such rotten men.

Ha! Humans are cruel,

Humans ignore her grief,

Humans condone evil,

Humans justify wrong,

Where did she go?

What did she wear?

Irrelevant questions spewing out of their mouths.

Why would you rape?

Why would you hurt her after she said “NO! STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!!”

Oh why?!

Let us rather blame the 12 year old for being a girl.

Let us excuse the men,

because it’s their nature,

because they cannot help it,

she should not have provoked by being a girl.

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