By Precious Abiola

In this week, up to seven accidents have been reported and not less than 78 people were confirmed dead.

A woman died in a collapsed building in Anambra state, 8 people lost their lives in Ibadan Expressway Accident, 13 people died in the Ilorin Accident, 32 people drowned in Ivo River in Rivers state, 3 people died in Ilorin flood accident, 10 people died in a tanker explosion in Lokoja and the most recent one, 11 people died in an auto crash accident in Cross Rivers State on Thursday 24th, September 2020.

It was reported that the accident happened along the Mbarakom-Awi Highway and it was caused by an overspeeding on the driver’s part. 11 people died and 2 people sustained injuries.

Our roads are no longer safe, how many more deaths should be recorded before the government do something, until when will the Governors of the affected states stop “Expressing Shock and Sorrow” and actually do something for their states.

78 deaths and more than 15 people injured in just one week is more than alarming. Something needs to be done to curb Road Traffic Accident in this county.

I pray God grant the families of the victims the fortitude to bear the loss.

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