UNILAG Warns Students Against Talking Laws Into Their Hands


By: Ikugbadi Segun

The management of the University of Lagos wishes to caution all students against acts of aggression or any move tantamount to taking laws into their hands.

This warning becomes imperative following the case of phone theft involving a 21-year-old male, Ogunsanya Henry Oriade, who reportedly stole four mobile phones belonging to occupants of room A304 at the King Jaja Hall.

Management appreciates the vigilance of the students, which led to the apprehension of the culprit but frowns at the brutal handling of the culprit.

Management hereby reiterates the university’s strong stance against any act of physical assaults/attacks on campus.

Students are assured of a heightened alertness of all Security units on campus, hence, any case of theft, threat in whatever form or act of vices anywhere on campus should be promptly reported to any security personnel on sight or at the nearest security post as all/any act(s) of aggression or/and violence will not be tolerated.

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