PAADC organizers hold second edition of The Nexus


By Justice Esiri & Halimah Awofeso

The second edition of the Professor Ayodele Awojobi Design Competition NEXUS was held on 7th May 2022.

This edition was themed “The Techpreneur Mindsetwith guest speakers Victor Ukachukwu, Mide Alonge, and Nathan Nwachuku.

The session began with an extensive presentation by Victor Ukachukwu, co-founder of He began by demystifying the Techpreneur mindset, stating that a Techpreneur is an entrepreneur who can leverage technology to turn minor opportunities into commercial realities.

He went on to say that being a Techpreneur is about having the right attitude, mindset, and approach. Victor also mentioned that being a Techpreneur in Africa is advantageous because there are many problems to solve and such innovations can leverage technology. He concluded his presentation by describing the characteristics of successful Techpreneurs from around the world.

Mide Alonge; Manager, Endeavor Nigeria, discussed the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset. He examined the technical differences between western schools (UK, US, and Canada) and those in Africa, such as Nigeria, and why there is a need for innovative solutions.

The environment you are in shapes the problem you are trying to solve. The youths are key to solving their problems with the right resources and environment. If you come up with an idea that solves a problem, people will be willing to support it and pay for it.

Mide Alonge

Nathan Nwachuku, co-founder and CEO of Klas, shared his journey into the tech industry at the age of 15. He also emphasized the key factors that have kept him relevant in the industry over the last four years. Aside from the LinkedIn hacks he shared, one of the most important takeaways was his stance on over-planning.

Nowadays, people get caught up in overplanning and overthinking. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan at all. Just don’t let it get to the point where that planning is preventing you from actually taking action. Take a page out of Nike’s book and just do it!

Nathan Nwachuku

Following this session, PAADC 6.0 organizers announced that applications for the competition would commence in May. Interested applicants were also advised to keep up with their social media platforms to know when the announcement is made.

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