Short Story: Clueless (Cont’d)



By Udoh Blessing

Previously on CLUELESS


    The police found nothing incriminating and saw no reason to detain Andrew. ‘A man in a black hoodie’ seemed like nothing to hold Andrew for as he already explained to the police that he wore it on one of his jogs at the time he was staying at Frankie’s apartment while she was away. That seemed a little suspicious to me because whenever Frankie was away, he was never around. What then was he doing at Frankie’s apartment during that period? Did Frankie know about this? 

    A day after Andrew’s questioning, I got a call from the police that I was needed at the station for my round of questioning. ‘Shit! Could they have found it? Is that why they want to question me?’

    I panicked majorly because I had buried the clothes that would for surely tie me to Frankie’s disappearance just behind her house. Although, I was careful enough to make sure I didn’t leave any trace.

    I went in and all they asked were questions about Andrew. Why were they so interested in Andrew? I mean I had my suspicions but what could Andrew have done? Come to think of it, I knew nothing about Andrew’s past, not even about his past relationships, the little things I knew were the good things that Frankie would always brag about whenever she wrote to me. That was what made me so obsessed with him. In a way, I got obsessed with the perfect picture that Frankie always painted about him.

    Although I was obsessed with Andrew, there were times I found him mysterious. It always felt like he was hiding something. Mystery can sometimes be a major turn but Andrew’s mysteriousness was something I could never really understand. I started to notice how mysterious he was a few days before Frankie’s disappearance. I just couldn’t place my finger on it. There was just something about him that seemed off.

I wanted to know what it was, there was no way I was going to ask him directly so I had to find it out another way.


    ‘What’s up with this headache? How can my head still hurt so badly? I must have hit it hard against something? If only I could remember what that was.’ Sadly I didn’t remember much about that. All I knew was that I’d had the throbbing headache since I woke up at Frankie’s place. My guess was that’s what caused my blackout and amnesia.

I couldn’t think straight because of the headache. l needed to get some painkillers. It would take some time for the painkillers to kick in. In the meantime, I tried to get some sleep.

“Hey Lisa, it’s Frankie. Could you please come over? There’s something I need to tell you. It’s really important.”

It was only a dream and yet it seemed so real. Something I couldn’t remember before now. Why couldn’t I remember the call I got from Frankie at the time of her disappearance. What was she going to tell me? Did she already tell me and I forgot? Why can’t I remember anything? I guessed that whatever she wanted to tell me had a lot to do with Andrew. I needed to find out what it was.

Continued here.

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