Effective ways of making corrections with wisdom


By Ibidunni Thaabitah 

Have you ever felt useless and helpless because you cannot change the people around you? Do you wish to make a profound impact on the most important people in your life? Do you believe you can be among the most effective people on Earth?

Certainly, everybody would say YES to the questions above but not everyone knows how to go about it.

Your words will not be effective as long as you don’t learn how to say them correctly. Your actions make no tangible difference if you don’t learn how to act them effectively. Hence, it is important to know the most effective ways of correcting people’s mistakes.

Offer solution, complain less

Firstly, your method of correction would be effective if you offer a lasting solution before you complain. For you to be obeyed, you must have an alternative to what you think is wrong. For people to renounce their wrong action for you, you must have something better to offer. You need to constantly remember that human beings are not perfect, as such, are bound to commit errors on a daily basis.

If you need to correct, do so with a solution to the error committed. For instance, if a mother, who intends to inform her child of his errors, starts by criticizing and insulting him, do you think her message would be passed across? Of course not. Even if the child obeys her because she gave birth to him, it doesn’t mean he would not repeat the same mistake in the future.

Instead of complaining, why not find a lasting solution to the problem so that the problem can be completely eradicated?

“What is done cannot be undone” but can be prevented in the future (Frank). Just as the saying goes, “mistakes are a fact of life” therefore it should be expected from every living being (Giovanni).

Be patient, give second chances

Another effective way to correct others is the determination to bring the best out of the people you wish to correct. This helps in ensuring sincerity.

Understand that “everyone deserves a second chance,” therefore, it is not ideal to easily give up on others just because they have committed an error (Davis).

Success is never achieved in a day; it takes hard work, time and commitment to get to the top. Making mistakes is part of life’s training as long as we learn from them.

On this note, it is highly encouraged to give people second chances rather than give up on them so easily. 

Be friendly, rather than offensive

Speaking in a friendly manner is an effective way to correct people’s mistake. It is common to see people trained by disciplinarians end up living undisciplined lives. This is possible probably because through out their life, instead of being corrected, they were being attacked with harsh words.

No one will listen to what you have to say if you leave their better sides and focus on their imperfections. Correct people in a warm manner so as to get the results intended.

In conclusion, there are so many methods in which people adopt to correct others. It is recommended to embrace the most suitable ones, including but not limited to, suggesting a lasting solution, having a spirit of consistency, and talking in an affectionate manner.

Although achieving these take lots of efforts and discipline; its result could lead to life long success.

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