Poetry: WHO AM I?


By Adesewa Alagbala

My mind often gets clouded
Fighting lies that have formed strongholds to turn me against me
Who I really am, opposed by my reality
Trapped in the shadows of fear and anxiety
Unspoken and yet left broken
Lies dressed in beautiful costumes of false beauty
Singing songs that fade or maybe those that don’t but God hasn’t given me the spirit of fear
Swift transition! Clearing my mind of every doubt of “not the standard” or “I can’t try”
Deeply searching and holding on to my uniqueness
Finding contentment in the voice He has given me and sticking to it
Facing my fears and setting patterns for the word “standard” itself
Choking out every bit of limitation, making it scream out of my mind in agony
So, I’ll learn to find my own rhythm
I’ll write poems rolling in spontaneous overflow
I’ll write songs with beautiful rhythm and finally catch up with my shadows
Boldly speaking the truth
Malicious Murderer! Don’t hold me to my faults and imperfections because I didn’t hold you to yours
How will things change when fear surrounds?
The mind is bruised but I’ll change my point of view to how the Father wants me to see
To make changes comes with sacrifices
The rottenness has risen from the very core but
We can create a new reality and make a difference
So change your gaze and let’s fix this warped mindset

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