The State of Nations


By: Timothy Obinna O.

Religion is politics 
And politics is religion
Probity is corruption 
And corruption is probity
An Apostle is an apostate 
And an apostate is an apostle
The hero is the made villain
And the villain is made a hero
The judge is the thief 
And the thief is the judge
The panhandlers are the rulers
And the rulers are panhandlers 
The songs of the pure-hearted
Is sang to the impure hearted
And the songs of impure hearted 
Is sang to the pure-hearted

The singers of hymns 
In the houses of worship
Are the dancers of the songs of schadenfreude in the corridors of powers 
The  preachers of change
Are the fathers of misoneism
The teachers of truth 
Are the mothers of mendacity
The benefactors of the labour of heroes past 
Are the mockers of labourers of the present
The leaders of today
Are the bereaver of tomorrow's leaders
Offering the lovers of the bereaved 
Succour of guilt pleasures 

Starvation is no more nature's vexation 
But one man's call on all men
Malnutrition is no more than nature's warnings to man
But man's inhumanity to all men
The janitor of the castle and the fortress of nations
Are slain by the king's  kinsmen 
Death is no more nature's call
But one man's call on all men

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