NANS Demands Reversal of UNILAG Fees Hike


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has issued a passionate plea to the management of the University of Lagos, requesting an immediate reversal of the recently introduced fee increments. In a press release addressed to the Vice-Chancellor.

NANS expressed its concerns over the unilateral decision to raise various levies without prior consultation with the official student representatives.

The fee increments, which have been a subject of heated debates, have raised serious concerns among the student body. NANS emphasized that the move was not in good faith and could have severe consequences on the students’ ability to access education, especially in a country grappling with a significant population of poor people and soaring unemployment rates.

“The increment was not done in good faith and as such CANNOT stand,” stated Comr. Giwa Yisa Temitope, the Public Relations Officer of NANS. “It is embarrassing that the University management took an arbitrary decision to increase sundry levies being paid by the students without consideration and consultation with the official representative of students.”

While acknowledging the long-standing suspension of independent students’ unionism at the University of Lagos, NANS vowed to work towards reversing the situation. However, this should not serve as an excuse to disregard the rights and opinions of the students regarding fee hikes.

NANS pointed out that without students, there would be no university, making their involvement in decision-making crucial.

“Without students, there cannot be a university. Hence, they must be consulted before any action is taken in the University. Unfortunately, that was not done,” emphasized Comr. Giwa Yisa Temitope.

Moreover, NANS called for a complete reversal of any payments already made by students due to the fee increments. The association rejected the proposed palliatives, opting instead for proactive measures to prevent financial burdens on the student body.

“With this letter, we are asking all students of UNILAG not to pay a dime more from the old fees. We are also by this letter informing the authorities of our intention to pay a visit to the institution on Wednesday 2nd July 2023, to hold a congress of UNILAG students where all issues pertaining to the welfare of Nigerian students will be discussed,” stated the NANS representative.

NANS extended an invitation to the university management to engage in a constructive dialogue with student leaders during the congress. The association expressed its willingness to collaborate and find a solution that would prioritize the welfare and accessibility of education for all students.

NANS thanked the university management for their attention and vowed to maintain a peaceful and intellectual approach in advocating for the rights of Nigerian students.

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