UNILAG Enforces New Faculties and Departments Fees at N1000 and N2000


In a significant development, the University of Lagos has moved to standardize its fee structure across various faculties and departments.

This decision, following extensive discussions by the Committee of Provost and Deans during meetings on August 30, 2023, and September 1, 2023, announced via an internal memorandum, is aimed at ensuring fairness and transparency in fee collection.

Under the revised fee structure, returning students in all faculties will pay a uniform fee of N10,000, while new students will be required to pay N2,000 as faculty dues.

Notably, the Faculty of Law will adopt a slightly different fee structure, with returning students paying N11,000 and new students paying N15,000 as faculty dues.

All payments made under the new fee structure must be meticulously receipted to ensure transparency and accountability.

Any surplus funds previously collected from students as Faculty/Departmental dues will be expeditiously refunded to the respective students.

The responsibility for collecting the agreed-upon fees will rest with the student body, who will operate at designated Registration Centers.

The restructuring of faculties and departmental fees comes after a study of fee payment irregularities was found by Student Solidarity Groups Against Fees Hikes.

In the meantime, the Dean of Students’ Affairs will organize a meeting with student representatives and faculty presidents in order to determine student association fees.

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