About UNILAG Press Club

The Press Club, UNILAG is the only Campus Journalism organisation in the University of Lagos, same as Union of Campus Journalists or Association of Campus Journalists in some other institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. The Press Club, UNILAG is duly registered with the Student Affairs Division of the University.

In line with its motto “Information for Education”, the  club has since inception continue to get the university community and beyond better informed  through timely news report, punchy editorials, insightful features, opinions, articles among others in strict adherence to ethics of Journalism. As the student mouthpiece, The Press Club maintains a cordial but objective relationship with the management, students, external media houses and mother bodies of Journalism in Nigeria.

The club which is praised as the students’ voice on campus has since its establishment performs its role as the fourth estate of the realm in the University community and beyond.



Unilag Press Club as it is often called has membership strength of more than 100 members drawn from all Faculties of the University which includes Faculty of Art, Education, Business Administration, Law, Social Sciences, Engineering, Sciences, Environmental Science and the College of Medicine, Idi Araba.

With her membership composition, the club is evidently the Gathering of Intellectuals, Circle of Perfect Gentlemen and the Home  of the Fourth Estate of the Realm in the University, as it homes writers, campus journalists, editors, debaters, public speakers, social and political commentators, activist and leaders among others.


In its effort to promoting national unity beginning from the campus, The Press Club, University of Lagos as a cradle of campus journalism in Nigeria played a major role in the resuscitation of the National Union of Campus Journalist (NUCJ) and also played a key role in the establishment of the National Association of Nigeria Campus Editors (NANCE) which are the two national bodies of campus journalism in Nigeria. The Press Club, Unilag is a proud member of both.


While the goals of the club are numerous, they are summarized into two major goals which are;

  • To get the University Community better informed in other to have a better society beginning from the campus and
  • To serve as a training ground in preparing the next generation of journalist, writers, public speakers, intellectuals and leaders through adequate training, exposure and practical experiences.


In carrying out her duties as the fourth estate of the realm in the University Community and invariably reaching out to the world, The Press Club adopts the following media in carrying out its operations:

The Social Media: With the new media and the opportunities plus exposure it offers, The Press Club, Unilag adopted the social media as a medium for carrying out its operation. The following are our social media platforms:

  • Twitter: @unilagpressclub
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/unilagpressclub

The Online media (News website – www.unilagnews.com): as part of our effort in getting the students of University of Lagos better informed, The Press Club launched a news website in April last year with the URL: www.unilagnews.com, which is being operated as her major independent news website. The website has special categories which include the Editorial, News, Opinion, ULSU watch, Interviews and many more. The site was also designed to accommodate video and photo news.

The Print media: In addition to our website and social media platforms, the press club also operates through the print media. Our two print media brands are:

  • UNILAG News Bulletin: This is a bulletin distributed free of charge to the university community which includes Akoka campus, Radiography campus and the College of Medicine, Idi Araba. The pages vary between two to four pages. It covers news alerts, editorials, editorial cartoons and many more. The bulletin is produced weekly, about twelve editions in a semester.
  • UNILAG Gong Magazine: This is a full-fledged magazine with its distribution in the three campuses of the institution also. It has various contents which include news, opinions and articles, poems, interviews, facts and many more. It is also distributed and produced twice in a session.


The Press Club, UNILAG organizes different programmes and events, which brings together various students, campus journalists and professional journalists, corporate bodies, organizations, academia and other intellectuals. They include:

Statutory events and Programmes

  • Annual Media Lecture
  • Fourth Estate Awards
  • Essay Competition
  • Debate competition
  • World Press Freedom Day (May 3), National Journalism Day and International students Day (Nov 17)

Our other developmental programmes which are trainings and workshops include

  • Basic Journalism training (for all new members)
  • Basic Media Skills Workshop
  • Basic Reporting Skills Training
  • Investigative Journalism Training
  • Intellectual Forum

 Mentorship program

The mentorship program is a way The Press Club, UNILAG gives back to the society. The program is held at secondary schools and other institutions to inculcate values in the upcoming generation. The goals of these are to:

  • Engage the younger ones and build their confidence on public speaking, debate and other journalism and leadership skills
  • Help in establishing Press Club in schools that don’t have one
  • Organize “motivational and inspirational talks” for the student
  • Organize inter school activities for The Press Clubs established
  • Be instrumental and grace their Press Club Day
  • Help with equipping and training kit for the benefit of the student
  • Invite them for some of our programmes as dim fit.
  • Finally, provide professional training, and participating opportunities for students at various institutions and press organizations